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divine. The history of Christianity, of the
Church, is a divine-human process, and in it., as
in every life-process, there have been pathological
elements, elements of decadence. The postulate
of free will oflFers the possibility for the failure
of Christianity in history. Christianity is not
God, not Christ Himself, although God and
Christ are active in Christianity. Christianity is
human history, and in it are represented all the
contradictions "of human existence.

Christianity, Christian humanity, has passed
through all sorts of the temptations of this world,
often disguised as holy things. A decadent
freedom, presenting itself as the true will of God,
has been at work in Christian history. The
judgment on Christianity is a judgment upon the
false theophanies, the false sanctification of the
natural and the historical. Too much of the
merely relative and unworthy has been declared
sacrosanct. The processes of sanctifying the
natural-historical, processes really social in their
origin, have gained final predominance over those
forces working for the transfiguration of life,
over the prophetic element in religion. And the
judgment on Christianity in history is always a
prophetic judgment: it demands an outbreaking
of the prophetic spirit directed toward the trans-
figuration, and not merely the sanctification, of
life- This judgment upon Christianity is a